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Prairie Restoration in Johnson County • Johnson County

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 @ 5:30pm
Prairie Village Community Center • 7700 Mission • Prairie Village, KS • Map

Prior to European contact, the Kansas City region was dominated by vast expanses of tallgrass prairie dissected by wooded riparian corridors and sheltered mesic slopes. Now, a fraction of a percent of the original prairie remains. Protecting and managing our remnants should always be our number one priority. However, restoration is very important, especially for our native butterflies, bees and moths. This presentation will cover the importance and benefits of prairie restoration projects currently happening in our own community, the challenges that we face, and the inherent difficulty of rebuilding complex ecological systems. Brett Budach is a recent graduate of K-State University with a major in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology. Brett currently works for the Johnson County Parks and Recreation Department doing fieldwork ranging from managing volunteers to burning prairies.

Contact: Lenora Larson 913-284-3360

Sponsor: Idalia Butterfly Society

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