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KNPS Annual Wildflower Weekend (AWW) • Sedgwick County

Friday, Sep 7th, 2018 to Sunday, Sep 9th, 2018 @ 8am
Hughes Metropolitan Complex • 5015 E. 29th Street • Wichita, KS • Map

Mark your calendar now and be sure to attend the AWW!!

KNPS Annual statewide event will be held in the Wichita area in 2018. We are planning to visit remnant prairies on private property, City of Wichita Wildlife Habitat Areas, restored prairies in city settings, and Wichita Pubic School projects featuring native plants and environmental education. Although Wichita is the "largest city in Kansas", there are natural undisturbed areas we will plan to tour.

Friday afternoon/evening tours.
Saturday Business Meeting (8am-1pm) followed by tours.
Sunday morning tours (9-noon). We will provide additional information for those who may want to explore the area on their own Sunday afternoon after tours conclude.


The 2018 theme "Native Places in City Settings" will be explored. Our featured Saturday Business Meeting Speaker will be Katie Kingery-Page. Katie is an Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning at Kansas State University. She will present examples of using native plants in landscapes to create a "place" of experience and connection with nature, while at the same time creating habitat for the insects and birds that rely on native habitat. Katie has developed native plant landscapes for numerous public projects her presentation will be very informative for everyone interested in creating or conserving a natural habitat landscape.

2018 marks 40 years since the Kansas Native Plant Society (formerly Kansas Wildflower Society) began in Topeka, Kansas. We will have a presentation during the Saturday Business Meeting to reflect on all that has happened in the last 40 years and several Founding Members will be present.

The annual AWW includes a Photo Contest which every KNPS member is invited to participate in. Winning photographs will be presented at the Saturday Business Meeting. Photographs are submitted electronically through Shutterfly to be reviewed by a KNPS panel. Details are included in the invitation and will be added to the KNPS web page. Cobea Penstemon is the 2018 KNPS Wildflower of the Year, just one of the photo categories to enter by taking photos of blooms this spring.

The Saturday Business Meeting will include a Silent Auction (a major fundraiser activity where attendees donate native plant themed items and then everyone has a chance to bid - items range in value from $5 to $20 or more). There will also be a presentation of the new slate of KNPS Board Members, plus time to meet and greet new and old friends.

Invitations to the AWW are mailed to all KNPS members at the beginning of August and registration online or by mail will close August 31 so we have time to prepare for all guests.

Mark your calendar now and plan to come to the AWW!!

Contact: Krista Dahlinger 316-258-6341

Sponsor: Kansas Native Plant Society

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