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Fall Workday: Clear Honeysuckle along Shunga Creek • Shawnee County

Saturday, Nov 3rd, 2018 @ 10am-12pm
Felker Park • SW 26th & Gage Blvd • Topeka, KS • Map

Help clear bush honeysuckle from the woods along Shunga Creek. Felker Park is along Gage Blvd adjacent to Shunga Creek. We will be maintaining an area that was initially cleared in 2011. By removing the honeysuckle the native plants can recover.
Wear boots, leather gloves, long sleeves and pants. We will be uprooting the plants. Bring a spade (sharpshooter), ax, cutter mattock, or any similar tool if you plan to uproot plants. There is also winter creeper that needs to be pulled for those who want to do lighter work. There is garbage to pick up as well. We will not be using herbicide. When we finish we will go to Qunton's for food and fun
Meet in the Felker Park parking lot by the Tennis courts. The entrance to the parking lot is near SW Gage Blvd and SW Mission If you arrive late, walk south of the parking lot along Gage until you get to the woods. This is where we will be working. You will see a sign that reads "KS Native Plant Society Woodland Restoration".
This may not sound like fun but it really is. It's one part work, one part socializing and one part botanizing. Hope to see you there.

Contact: Jeff Hansen 7858066917

Sponsor: KNPS

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