2014 Annual Wildflower Weekend (AWW)

Wildflower enthusiasts from across Kansas will converge on Pratt, Kansas, September 19-20-21, for the KNPS's 36th Annual Wildflower Weekend. The meeting will be a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the native plants in and around Pratt.

  • Friday afternoon: Tour the Pollinator Garden at Kansas Wildlife and Parks in Pratt, visit ranch near Sun City
  • Friday evening: Dinner at Busters Bar & Grill in Sun City.
  • Saturday morning: Annual Meeting, Kansas Grass Presentation, Penstemon Presentation, Awards Presentations, Photo Contest, and Silent Auction at Pratt Community College. Lunch at cafeteria.
  • Saturday afternoon: Tour Red Hills sites near Sun City.
  • Saturday evening: Dinner at Club D'Est in Pratt
  • Sunday morning: Tour the Hamm Prairie near Pratt and another location in the Pratt area.

The public is encouraged to attend.

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Submit your digital photos to the 2014 Photo Contest. Winners are announced at AWW.

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