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Invasive Plant Fact Sheet

About Invasive Plants

Many alien plants are invasive.  These plants are the most invasive plants in our state.  They have the ability to displace native plants.  The list is provided courtesy of the R.L. McGregor Herbarium.

List of Plants

Family Scientific Name Common Name Longevity
Poaceae Bothriochloa bladhii Caucasian bluestem P
Poaceae Bothriochloa ischaemum var. songarica Turkestan bluestem P
Poaceae Bromus inermis smooth brome P
Poaceae Bromus japonicus Japanese brome A
Poaceae Bromus tectorum downy brome A
Asteraceae Carduus nutans subsp. leiophyllus musk-thistle B
Asteraceae Centaurea solstitialis yellow star-thistle AB
Asteraceae Cirsium arvense Canadian thistle P
Brassicaceae Alliaria petiolata common garlic-mustard B
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera japonica Japanese honeysuckle P
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera maackii Amur honeysuckle P
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera tatarica Tatarian honeysuckle P
Convolvulaceae Convolvulus arvensis field bindweed P
Dipsacaceae Dipsacus fullonum fuller's teasel B
Dipsacaceae Dipsacus laciniatus cut-leaf teasel B
Elaeagnaceae Elaeagnus angustifolia Russian-olive P
Elaeagnaceae Elaeagnus umbellata autumn-olive P
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia esula leafy spurge P
Fabaceae Lespedeza cuneata sericea bush-clover P
Fabaceae Securigera varia common crown-vetch P
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum spicatum Eurasian water-milfoil P
Lythraceae Lythrum salicaria purple loosestrife P
Rhamnaceae Rhamnus cathartica common buckthorn P
Rosaceae Rosa multiflora multiflora rose P
Tamaricaceae Tamarix parviflora small-flower tamarisk P
Tamaricaceae Tamarix ramosissima salt-cedar P
Poaceae Sorghum halepense Johnson grass P
Celastraceae Euonymus fortunei Chinese spindle-tree P
Poaceae Schedonorus arundinaceus tall mountain-fescue P
Poaceae Schedonorus pratensis meadow mountain-fescue P

Recommended books on control of invasive species.

  • Invasive Plants of the Upper Midwest: An Illustrated Guide to Their Identification and Control –  Czarapata, Univ. of WI Press, 2005
  • The Tallgrass Restoration Handbook - Packard & Mutel, Island Press, 2005
  • Missouri Vegetation Management Manual - Smith, Missouri Department of Conservation, 1997

Fact Sheet

The information on this page is available in the following fact sheet.

Invasive Plant Fact Sheet (PDF)