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Photo Contest


Our Photo Contest is held each year at the Annual Wildflower Weekend.  It is open to all members of the Kansas Native Plant Society.

Digital Contest

In 2013, the plan was to implement the photo contest digitally. But due to unforeseen problems in setting up the digital photo contest, the contest will operate as in the past.


  • 2013: entries per category was changed from 4 to 2.
  • 2011: a new category was added for Wildflower of the Year. The collage category was discontinued.

Previous Winners


  • Photo submissions are accepted from KNPS members only.
  • The subject of all entries must be NATIVE plant species (or predominantly NATIVE plant species for photos of groups of plants) or native landscapes (where appropriate) in the state of Kansas.
  • Two entries per category per KNPS member are allowed.
  • Size of photos should be up to 8” x 10”.
  • Each photo must be mounted on poster board. Matting is optional.  No frames, please.
  • Each photo must have a label placed on the back with the following information:
    • Category (see below)
    • Photographer’s Name and City
    • Title of photo (include plant species name, if applicable)
    • Location where photo was taken
  • Photographs will be judged by the following criteria: Composition, Sharpness, Exposure, Color, Appropriateness to category, Presentation, Full label information
  • Digital photographs that are digitally enhanced must be indicated as such.
  • Bring your photos to the annual meeting; do not send photos to KNPS. 


  • Flora:  a photo of a whole plant or plant part.  Examples: flower, fruit, seed, leaf, bark, or bud.
  • Fauna:  a photo of animals on or surrounded by native plants. Examples: mammals on the prairie, birds eating seeds, insects pollinating native flowers.
  • Garden:  a photo of native plants used in a garden created by people.  Examples: your favorite garden.
  • People:  a photo of people enjoying native plants and their habitats.  Examples: people at a KNPS outing, people enjoying a favorite bloom.
  • Scenery:  a photo of a native landscape such as a prairie, woodland, or wetland.  Examples: fire in the Flint Hills, sunrise on the wetlands.
  • Wildflower of the Year: a photo of the current year's Wildflower of the Year.