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Stephen L. Timme Excellence in Botany Award

2015 Recipient: Craig Freeman

Craig Freeman • Lawrence, KS

Craig Freeman identifying riparian species.
Craig Freeman identifying riparian species at the designated National Natural Landmark site, Haskell-Baker Wetlands, September 2010, Douglas, County, KS. (Photo by Matthew Richter.)

Dr. Craig Freeman has made numerous significant educational and research contributions to botany in the state of Kansas. He is a co-author of Roadside Wildflowers of the Southern Great Plains, An Illustrated Guide to Endangered and Threatened Species in Kansas, and Kansas Wildflowers and Weeds, all published by the University Press of Kansas. He has authored more than 100 scholarly papers, technical reports, and popular articles in plant systematics, floristics, and prairie conservation. As well, Craig is a lead editor and regional review coordinator for the 30-volume Flora of North America project, and a contributing author in the Flora of North America and Flora of the Great Plains. Craig has more than 30 years of botanical field experience in Kansas, the Great Plains, and Rocky Mountains. For many years, Craig has willingly and enthusiastically led countless Kansas Native Plant Society field outings, offering his extensive botanical expertise for the education of all levels of learners.



Craig Freeman identifies species.
KNPS members frequently enjoy personal guidance in species identification from Craig Freeman. Upland prairie, Butler County, KS, 2014. (Photo by Matthew Richter.)

Craig Freeman explains the geological significance.
Quivira National Wildlife Refuge 2010. Craig Freeman explains the geological significance of the area and its consequent effect on botanical variation. (Photo by Matthew Richter.)

Craig Freeman tags Monarch Butterflies.
Clinton Wildlife Management Area, Douglas County, KS, 2011. Craig Freeman works on tagging Monarch Butterflies. (Photo by Matthew Richter.)

Members at Cheyenne Bottoms.
Members of KNPS discuss characteristics of plant morphology at Cheyenne Bottoms, Barton County, KS, September 2010. Left to right: Jeff Hansen, Frank Norman, Craig Freeman, Earl Allen. (Photo by Matthew Richter.)

Craig receiving award.
Craig receiving award.