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Non-profit Funding

2010 Recipient #2

Konza Environmental Education Program

The Botanical Prairie


Teachers (grades 3-12) from across the state bring their classes to Konza Prairie to study the native plant community. In summer workshops, the teachers learn how to identify, collect, dry, press and mount plant specimens. Some teachers keep specimens from prairie sites near their schools for use in the classroom. Their students learn the same information during their field trip to Konza Prairie and more about botany, botanists and ecologists. While they are here students also mount a small herbarium specimen to take home.

We provide field guides and materials for both teachers and students. The materials include plant presses, cardboard and blotter inserts, straps, archival mounting paper and backing, labels, glue, clear plastic contact paper, field guides and field notebooks. Teachers from our summer workshop 2010 have requested materials for the next school year. In addition, we expect about 10 new teachers for 2011 workshops and about 150-200 students for the 2010-2011 school year will use this program.