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2010 Recipient #3

Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition

Adult Range Schools


The Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition holds two adult range schools for ranchers, college students, agency staffs, and others interested in grassland ecology. One school is set for July 6-8 at Camp Lakeside, Lake Scott and the The Nature Conservancy Smoky Valley Ranch for the mid- and short-grass portion of Kansas and the second is August 17-19 at Camp White Memorial on Council Grove Reservoir for the tallgrass area.

We average 50-60 students and we provide a diverse set of speakers covering selected topics through an intense agenda. Two main focus areas are plant identification and measuring and monitoring plant health.KNPS has two presenters at these schools this year, Jeff Hansen and Iralee Barnard, in addition to ranchers, NRCS, Extension, and other featured speakers. We spend considerable time on plant identification, botany, and educating people on the plants they manage for a living. This year's theme is Shaping Public Perceptions and we hope to provide students with knowledge, technical skills, and means to better manage their grazing lands and to better communicate that to a variety of the public.

Each student will receive a plant field guide (underwritten by US FWS) and a three-ring binder full of materials to take home for use. KGLC has hosted these schools since 2005 and prior to that the Society for Range Management, KS Section, and other professional societies hosted the schools from about 2000. In 2009, KNPS provided $300 for scholarships to two ranchers. We very much appreciate the help and financial support that KNPS has provided KGLC.