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Non-profit Funding

2011 Recipient #2

Sterling College

Heritage Tree Walk


This project is designed to provide educational and conservation benefits by establishing a native tree walk on the campus of Sterling College. The tree walk will consist of a self-guided walking tour highlighting the diversity of native trees on campus. There will be a natural history guide and native tree map created as part of the project that will be available online and as a brochure. The tree walk will serve as a living classroom for students at the college and surrounding public schools and will also provide educational opportunities for individuals visiting the region. Once established, it will be possible to host guided tree walks and educational workshops focused on native tree species in Kansas.

The project will be expedited by the relatively diverse collection of mature native trees on the college campus that have already been identified, inventoried, and marked with GPS. Funds will be used to purchase and plant 5 additional native tree species that are not currently represented on campus, purchase identification markers for individual trees, and print promotional brochures used for the self-guided tour. The brochures for the self-guided tour and information about native trees in Kansas will also be posted online in a featured section of the Sterling College website. The project will effectively promote the conservation of existing native trees, enhance the diversity of tree species, and provide an important educational opportunity for both students and residents of the region.