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Sheldon H. Cohen Award for Outstanding Service to KNPS

2013 Recipient

Craig & Jane Freeman • Lawrence, KS

Craig & Jane Freeman
Mickey Delfelder, Jane & Craig Freeman, Valerie Wright

Craig and Jane have been serving the organization since they arrived in Lawrence. Craig began serving on the board in 1988. In 1992-93 the administrative office for KWS moved from the Mulvane Art Museum to the R.L. McGregor Herbarium in Lawrence. At that time Craig and Jane had been working behind the scenes for KNPS.

In the early years Jane handled everything from mailing newsletters to processing memberships. She takes care of all merchandise sales. KNPS wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Jane's commitment to the organization. She spends at least one day a weekend handling KNPS business and works a full time job for State Farm.

Craig was always the KNPS "go to man" for leading outings at the various annual meetings. Craig also has the honor of taking phone calls for KNPS as his office number is listed in some of our publications.

They serve as curators of the KWS/KNPS archives. Every AWW, they stuff their vehicle full of KNPS items, transport them across state, and set up for the AWW. The two of them are the super-glue that has kept KNPS running smoothly and efficiently for more than two decades.