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Sheldon H. Cohen Award for Outstanding Service to KNPS

2016 Recipient

Phyllis and Dee Scherich • McPherson, KS

Phyllis and Dee Scherich

Phyllis (left) and Dee Scherich (right), with Rick Warshauer in between.

Phyllis and Dee Scherich are among the Society’s strongest cheerleaders and supporters, promoting KNPS through print and word of mouth, recruiting new members, and engaging in innumerable other activities that have had significant and lasting impacts on the organization. Phyllis has assisted as newsletter editor, served as the Secretary from 2005-2009, President Elect from 2013-2015, and is our current President. Phyllis and Dee expertly organized two highly successful Annual Wildflower Weekend in the Red Hills, in Pratt in 2014 and Coldwater in 2005, and have worked behind to scenes to help ensure the success of many other AWWs. Anyone who has been involved with organizing an annual meeting knows the amount of work and dedication this requires. Phyllis and Dee always go the extra mile to ensure that no detail is overlooked, helping to set the standards that we’ve come to expect from our annual meetings. But most significantly, they are great friends to all us in the Kansas Native Plant Society, and it is an honor to recognize them for their exceptional service with this award.