Annual Wildflower Weekend > 1993

1993 Annual Meeting


North Newton, Kansas on September 18, 1993

Saturday, September 18

Fine Arts Center, Krehbiel Auditorium Bethel College North Newton, Kansas

8:30am Registration, Seed Exchange, Book Table - dues may be paid

9:00am The Kauffman Museum - slide show by Lorna Habegger Harder

9:30am Annual Business Meeting - Ralph Brooks, presiding

10:45am “Wildflowers in the Days of the Mastodons”– Talk by Dr. Joseph R. Thomasson, Professor of Biology, Fort Hays State University

12:00pm Lunch - The Kauffman Museum. Cost $4.75. Paid reservations are needed by Wednesday, September 8, 1993.

1:00pm Board of Directors Meeting - the Kauffman Museum; Tour of Kauffman Museum and Grounds –
tours of exhibit cost $2.00, tours of grounds are free.

1:45pm Tour of the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains - Hesston College, Hesston, KS,
led by Jim Locklear, Director (for general membership)

3:30pm Tour of the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains - Board Members and their spouses