Annual Wildflower Weekend > 1998

1998 Annual Meeting


Lawrence, Kansas on September 11-12, 1998

Friday, September 11

1 :30pm Field trip to Douglas County State Fishing Lake. This field trip will be led by KWS board members Stephen Timme and Craig Freeman. Participants should assemble in the parking lot at the shopping center at the northeast corner of Iowa Street (US 59) and 23rd Street (KS 10) in southwest Lawrence at 1:30 pm. A large parking area is available in front of Rusty’s Sports Store northeast of the Hardee’s. From the parking lot, we will car-pool to the field. The field trip will conclude around 4:30 pm.

4:30pm Field trip returns to Lawrence, free time

7:00pm Board of Directors Meeting. To be held in the R.L. McGregor Herbarium, University of Kansas campus

Saturday, September 12

The annual membership meeting will be held in the Apollo Room, Nichols Hall, University of
Kansas campus.

8:00am Seed Cleaning Workshop - Lorna Harder

Does the thought of gardening with prairie natives leaf you feeling like a nutlet when it comes to getting started? No need to loment. Summer is here. It’s aril treat to walk the prairies and to experience achene sense of wonder as prairie wildflowers petal their annual parade of color. It puts pepo in your step and may even inspire you to write a pome or two. But as you follic(le) through the prairies this year, don’t let your eyelids drupe. Mark those wildflowers so you can return to collect some for this year’s Kansas Wildflower Society meeting. The fruits of your labor will be rewarded with a Seed Clearing Workshop that offers silique and easy ways to clean your wildflower seeds in preparation for storage and planting. Just bring the seeds you’ve collected and some containers. Seed cleaning tools and other materials will be provided. Plan to pod-ticipate by returning the enclosed reservation form.

8:00am Registration, Seed Exchange, Book Table - Those not wanting to participate in the Seed Clearing Workshop may register, pay annual dues, and purchase a variety of KWS merchandise, including coloring books, wildflower guides, and mugs. If you have collected or are looking for seeds of your favorite Kansas wildflowers, participate in the KWS Seed Exchange this year. An assortment of packaged, labeled wildflower seeds will be available. Bring your own seeds for exchange or just plan to shop for the seeds you need. If you have seeds to donate to the exchange, please help by packaging and labeling them. The following is an example of label information that is helpful:

Common name: Black sampson echinacea
Scientific name: Echinacea angustifolia
Date, county collected: 08/98, Harvey County, KS
Collector: Lorna Harder

9:30am Annual Business Meeting - Carroll Morgenson, presiding

10:30am “The DyckArboretum of the Plains,” presented by Larry Vickerman, Directorof the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains, Hesston College, Hesston, KS.

11:30am Lunch - buffet style. Cost is $5.00 per person. A reservation is required.

1:00pm Field trip to Kill Creek Prairie, Johnson Co, KS. This field trip will be led by Craig Freeman. Participants should meet at the parking lot outside Nichols Hall on the KU campus following the annual meeting and luncheon.