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2017 Annual Wildflower Weekend (AWW)


39th Annual Wildflower Weekend • Concordia, Kansas • September 8-10, 2017

About the 2017 AWW

Fremont's Clematis
The rare Fremont’s Clematis
can be found in Cloud County.

The 39th Kansas Native Plant Society Annual Wildflower Weekend (AWW) celebration is upon us. Mark your calendars for September 8-10 and visit Cloud County Community College, with its domed buildings tucked in the rolling hills on the north side of Concordia in north central Kansas. If you are new to KNPS or haven’t attended before, AWW is the highlight of the year for everyone interested in native plants. Join fellow enthusiasts as we explore native plant communities in north central Kansas. This year’s theme is “Stewardship”, with forays planned in diverse settings over three days.

We will visit locations with vegetation benefitting from sound stewardship and conservation activities. Cloud County lies in the Dissected High Plains. High flat upland areas in the west are combined with gently rolling hills dotted with mounds or buttes. The broad flat valleys of the Solomon and Republican Rivers provide a diverse ecosystem for native plants. Approximately two-thirds of Cloud County is drained by the Republican River. This stream arises in Colorado and flows generally eastward through Colorado and Nebraska to about the NW corner of adjoining Republic County, and then bends southeastwardly to join the Smoky Hill River at Junction City to form the Kansas River.

Dale Strickler, a local well-known Agronomist, will be our speaker Saturday morning. He will discuss his experience and research in Sustainable Agriculture.

Returning members look forward to traditional activities, including the presentation of Annual Awards; the display of outstanding photographs in the Photo Contest; and the fun of placing bids and winning items in the Silent Auction. The Photo Contest is open to KNPS members only and is conducted online. The Silent Auction, held during the business meeting on Saturday morning, benefits the programs of KNPS. Bring a few items to donate to the action and help support KNPS. Artwork, crafts, books, posters, clothing, jellies, decorative arrangements and baked goods are few of the items that have been donated in the past.

Printable AWW Itinerary

The 2017 AWW Itinerary Mailer is sent via USPS to all KNPS members about a month before AWW weekend. It includes a weekend schedule, tour locations and directions, meal information, as well as hotel listings and the registration form. If you are not a member of KNPS, you can print the AWW itinerary and register. We welcome non-members to attend. Click here to print AWW Itinerary. (PDF 357KB)


Registration is required to attend the weekend. If you are planning to attend send in the 2017 AWW registration form along with your check. Or you can register and pay online. A registration form is also included in the Printable AWW Itinerary.

Photo Contest

The photo contest is a popular part of the AWW. We encourage all KNPS members to enter photos. (Deadline: Sept. 1st)

In 2017 the photo contest is all digital. Photos will not be printed as in the past but sent to us digitally on an Internet site See the Photo Contest for all rules, categories, upload instructions, and historic winners.

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction will be held during the business meeting on Saturday morning. Silent auctions use bidding sheets instead of an auctioneer. Bring a few items to donate to the auction and place on the tables reserved for the silent auction. You will write the name of the item along with a starting bid on the supplied bidding sheet. Artwork, crafts, books, posters, clothing, jellies, and baked goods are just a few of the items that have been donated in the past. Proceeds will go to the General Fund of KNPS.

Bidding begins as items are placed on the silent auction tables. There will be breaks during the annual meeting when you can check on items you are bidding to be sure you are the highest bidder. At the end of the meeting, the auction closes. You will check to see which items you won, and take them to the registration table to pay.


The following publicity items are available to help promote the AWW.

39th Annual Wildflower Weekend • Concordia, Kansas • September 8-10, 2017