KNPS Brochure

About the Brochure

The KNPS brochure provides information about the diversity of plants found in Kansas. It also describes our activities such as our many regional wildflower walks and Annual Wildflower Weekend. KNPS sends printed brochures to many nature based organizations across Kansas.  New members can join KNPS using the membership form included in the brochure.

Current Brochure

Download the current KNPS Brochure

Brochure Distribution

We distribute it to over 250 organizations. Some of the types of organizations that are sent the brochure include:

  • Leaders of KNPS Membership Regions
  • Select Libraries
  • Convention & Visitor Offices
  • Museums
  • Nature Centers
  • National Wildlife Refuges & National Park entities
  • Non-profit Nature organizations
  • State Parks
  • Conservation Districts
  • Extension Offices

Request Brochures

If you would like brochures sent to you to be placed for public access, please contact us with your name, organization name, mailing address and number of brochures needed (25 is a recommended).

Past Brochures

Prior to 2015 our brochure was updated annually with wildflower of the year and annual events.