Kansas Plant Icons Brochure

About the Brochure

KNPS has developed a teaching/learning aid for students, teachers, and anyone who is interested in Kansas’ three native plant symbols.

This three-panel-brochure includes information about our state flower (Sunflower), tree (Cottonwood), and grass (Little Bluestem).  Readers will learn the brief history of the Kansas Legislature’s selection of each plant, the origin of the Latin names, each plant’s habitat and characteristics, the specific insects and animals that rely on each of the plants, and the plants’ connections to humans.  

The brochure is ideal to use for outings, talks, and classes. This publication will be especially helpful when planning or celebrating Kansas Day when many classrooms focus on the state symbols.

The three panels on an unfolded brochure

Get the Brochure

There are two methods of receiving the brochure. You can either print it yourself or have them sent to you.

  1. For printing, you can download the Kansas Plant Icons Brochure (PDF).
  2. To have brochures sent to you, Contact Us with your name, organization name, mailing address and number of brochures needed (a minimum of 25 is recommended).

To help with the cost of producing the brochure, consider Becoming a Member.