Email List

About the KNPS Email List

The KNPS Email List is hosted by Google Groups. A Google Group is composed of members who subscribe to the Group. When a message is sent to the group all members of the group receive the message via email. Only the list manager can send messages to the group. KNPS uses the group to send weekly events announcements and other KNPS related messages. Any email you receive from the group will be from the email address:

How to become a member of the list

To become a member of the KNPS Google Group, enter you email address and click the "Subscribe" button.

Once Google Groups receives your request to join the group, you should receive a confirmation email from Google Groups.  Open the email and confirm your subscription.  You must confirm your subscription to become a member of the group. This email may be in your SPAM folder, so be sure to check there.

Google Groups
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If you have a Google Account, you can join the group by visiting the KNPS Google Group. On the KNPS group page click on "Join this group" (located in the right hand column).

How To Send Messages

If you would like a message sent to the list, contact us, as only managers of the list may post to it.

View Messages Online

View past messages and edit your group account at the KNPS Google Group.

How To Unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe by visiting the KNPS Google Group. On our group page click on "Edit my membership" (located in the right hand column). Click the "Unsubscribe" box to leave the list.

Subscribe instructions are also listed at the end of any email you receive from the group.

Need Help?

If you should ever have any questions about the email list or need help subscribing, unsubscribing, or sending message, feel free to contact us.