About Events


When you attend a wildflower walk sponsored by the Kansas Native Plant Society expect to be educated and entertained. Most events are relatively small with up to twenty people attending. Some of our larger events may have one hundred people attending. Outings tend to last about two to four hours, sometimes longer, depending on the size of the area being explored.


Those attending range from novice plant lovers to knowledgeable experts. There are often others attending that are knowledgeable about other aspects of our natural world such as insects, birds, and geology. There is always something new to learn from someone in attendance, not just the leaders. It's a excellent way to meet like minded people and make new friends.


By attending our events you will have a chance to learn more about our extensive native flora, but also learn about various eco-regions found within our state. Most events take place in a natural setting such as a native prairie or woodland. Occasionally a landscape designed with native plants will be seen. The leader points out plants of interest or the attendees ask the leader about plants they encounter. Mostly showy flowering plants are noted and identified. Often every plant that is encountered is identified and a checklist is created.

What to Bring

Make sure you come prepared with good walking/hiking shoes, long pants, a hat, bug repellent, water, and a snack. Other items that may come are useful are field guides, cameras, binoculars, a hand lens, and a pencil/notepad. We look forward to your attendance at one of our sponsored outings.

Lead an Outing

Our events are typically led by members of the society. Through these outings, members of various skill levels share their expertise and experiences with other interested members. We would like to encourage people to consider volunteering to lead events. First time event leaders might feel more comfortable as a co-leader of a trip. If that is the case, there are many experienced trip leaders who would be very happy to assist. Contact us if you are interested in helping out with an event.

Host an Event

If you are a property owner of property and would you like to host an event on your property, please contact us.

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar lists all upcoming events.