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Rock Springs Wildflower Walk • Geary County

Saturday, May 21st, 2011 @ 9am-2pm
Rock Springs • 1168 K-157 Highway • Junction City, KS • Map

Come and see the colorful spring wildflowers at Rock Springs 4-H Center! Rock Springs is located just south and west of Junction City, KS and consists of over 735 acres of land in the beautiful Flint Hills. One of the most unique features of Rock Springs is the natural spring that supplies 1,000 gallons of water a minute!

The Wildflower Walk will include morning snacks, a hot lunch at the dining hall, and an instructor led wildflower identification walk, for a cost per participant of $15. The Wildflower Walk brochure (found under ‘More Info’ below) has more information about the day’s events and also includes the registration form.

Contact: Chelsea Shrack 785-257-3551

More Info: Wildflower Walk Brochure (PDF)

Sponsor: Rock Springs 4-H Center


70 people attended the event.

Refreshments at the morning registration included cinnamon rolls, juice and coffee. We all introduced ourselves, I believe, including the audience, and Chelsea Schrack gave an overview of the day's events and divided us into hiking groups, identified by number, as I recall. Nancy Calhoun had suggested we take plant anatomy work sheets, so we had copies of that KEEP Docent handout for everyone. We were instructed that each group should elect a spokesperson to report on one memorable hike happening, when we met for the wrapup after lunch. Hike leaders had gone down the week before for a tour, so we were familiar with the path. As I recall, we hiked up and explored a horse pasture, over to a lake area, and down to the spring house area. After the hike, we had a hearty and tasty buffet lunch, and then retired back to the meeting room. Each group spokesperson gave a short report on their findings. Each report was unique and interesting. Somehow, we all focused on different aspects, and found that our experiences shared elements but also diverged quite a bit based on who was in each group and what they brought to the experience. That was fun to see. At the end, we took a vote to see who would like to have the event as a repeat. There was 100% agreement of interest in coming again.

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