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Prairie Restoration- West of Sternberg Museum • Ellis County

Saturday, Feb 26th, 2011 @ noon-5pm
Sternberg Museum • 3000 Sternberg Drive • Hays, KS • Map

Thanks to the volunteers on Kansas Day we were able to clear out over half of the non-desirable trees that needed removed for the Prairie Restoration/Outdoor Classroom creation west of the Sternberg Museum.
We will again have one last Prairie Restoration Day devoted to the removal of the non-desirable trees on Saturday, Feb 26th from noon-5pm. This time the focus will be on removing non-desirable hardwoods (mainly Hackberry, Siberian Elm, Honeylocust, Russian Olive and Mulberry) along the riparian corridor west of the Sternberg Museum. Volunteers are asked to bring equipment if able (especially chainsaws) but it is not necessary as we will have chainsaws, handsaws, and loppers on hand (please bring gloves). We will cut down, trim, and pile limbs for either chipping or building with. The event is come and go and any length of help is much appreciated. Refreshments will be provided.

Contact: James Leiker 785-623-8513

More Info: Outdoor Classroom

Sponsor: FHSU-KSU

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