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Shunga Bioblitz • Shawnee County

Saturday, Apr 16th, 2011 @ 6am-11pm
Felker Park • 2540 SW Gage Blvd. • Topeka, KS • Map

A BioBlitz is a study where a group of volunteers conduct a one day intensive biological inventory, attempting to identify and record all species of living organisms in a given area. Some types of organisms we hope to inventory: Plants, Fungus, Insects, Spiders, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Birds, and Mammals. You can participate for any amount of time on the day of the event.

The bioblitz will take place in a complex of parks along Shunga Creek in southwest Topeka. This Complex of parks includes Wells Park, Warren Nature Area, and Big Shunga Park. Shunga Creek runs through the south edge of the area. There is a wetland in the center of Warren Nature Area. Woodlands are mostly along the creek and grasslands are found north of the creek. The total area is estimated to be about 300 acres.The area is bordered by Gage Blvd on the west, the VA & KNI on the north, Macvicar on the east, and 29th Street on the south. Meet at the Felker Park Parking Lot, 2540 SW Gage Blvd.

Contact: Jeff Hansen 785-806-6917

More Info: Shunga Bioblitz

Sponsor: Topeka Audubon Society

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