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Smoky Hills Prairie Exploration • McPherson County

Saturday, Jun 11th, 2011 @ 8-10am
Location avaiable upon registration • Canton, KS • Map

Explore, identify butterflies, and botanize "Buffalo Hill" in McPherson County near Canton. Witness this beautiful prairie gem in the Smoky Hills at its most glorious time of the year. Butterfly milkweed will be in bloom, the regal fritillaries will be in flight and the dickcissels, grasshopper sparrows, and meadowlarks will be giving a full serenade. Lucky explorers may even see bison. KNPS members (existing or new) will be served a fresh cinnamon roll and egg breakfast on the prairie. This is private property that is only open to us on this day. Contact Brad Guhr ( to register and get directions.

Contact: Brad Guhr 316-217-4566

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