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Tallgrass Rangeland Management Class • Chase County

Tuesday, Aug 16th, 2011 to Thursday, Aug 18th, 2011 @ 8am to 3pm
Camp Wood YMCA • 1101 Campwood Rd • Elmdale, KS • Map

The theme for 2011 is Looking Past the Fence - rangeland watersheds from top to bottom. The school is designed to meet the needs of ranchers, landowners, land managers, and anyone interested in understanding Kansas grasslands and how to balance economic viability and resource sustainability. Costs for the school is $300 per person and includes course materials, lodging, meals and other incidentals involved while at the school. Deadline for registration is July 15. Space is limited to 35 participants, so early registration is advised. KGLC offers every eligible rancher, college student, and agency personnel scholarship funds to reduce out-of-pocket costs. Scholarships range from $150 for ranchers and college students to $100 for agency staff. Registration and scholarship forms are available online at, 2011 Range Schools.

KGLC has hosted this school in different settings since 2005, so there is a history of providing attendees with high quality education using a mix of ranchers, organization and agency staffs, and university specialists. They are able to create a real sense of connection with the grazing lands ranchers and others use to extract a living. A great emphasis has always been put on learning native grassland plants and then, to understand how to measure and monitor the seasonal grazing pressure on those plants to be able to predict healthy use and determine forage reserves, all to help the economic bottom line. Our instructors work one-on-one with attendees to answer questions and ensure that learning occurs and is retained.

Contact: Tim Christian 620-241-3636

Sponsor: Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition

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