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Gardening with Flying Flowers • Leavenworth County

Wednesday, Apr 11th, 2012 @ 10:30am-12noon
Riverfront Community Center • 123 S. Esplanade St. • Leavenworth, KS • Map

30 species of large, tropical-looking butterflies call Eastern Kansas “home”. Unfortunately, many gardeners only see the occasional migrating Monarch. This presentation reviews butterfly biology and the basics of butterfly gardening. Spectacular photographs introduce many of the amazing butterflies (and their equally charismatic caterpillars) that gardeners can attract to their yards. But flowers are not the critical element—you already have a beautiful flower garden. You must learn to love and plant for the caterpillars, thereby choosing which species of butterflies embellish your garden. Butterfly gardening exemplifies the field of dreams: “plant it and they will come”!

Lenora Larson, is a MICO Master Gardener who maintains a NABA-certified butterfly garden in rural Paola, KS. She also writes the Caterpillar Food Plant section for every issue of Butterfly Gardener magazine. Indeed, ONLY native plants are allowed for garden certification by NABA (the North American Butterfly Association).

Contact: Lenora Larson 913-284-3360

Sponsor: Kansas Native Plant Society

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