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Fall Workday: Clear Bush Honeysuckle along Shunga Creek • Shawnee County

Saturday, Nov 10th, 2012 @ 10am-noon
Felker Park • Topeka, KS • Map

Help clear bush honeysuckle from the woods along Shunga Creek. We are going to clear an area of the woods of the honeysuckle and other invasives to allow the native species to flourish. We will focus on areas along the creek. The natives are barely hanging on because of the honeysuckle. The area we will be working is adjacent to the bridge at Gage & Shunga Creek. Parking is at the Tennis Courts near 26th & Gage Blvd. Wear sturdy shoes, leather gloves, long sleeves and pants. Bring a lopper or pruning saw to cut bushes; A shovel for digging them out. Pruning sheers for cutting vines. We need people to cut, haul branches and spray the cut stumps. You can also pull seedlings. Pulling seedlings is easy and prevents reinvestation. The City of Topeka will be supplying herbicide to treat the cut stumps to ensure the honeysuckle doesn't regrow. We will also pick up trash, and a few trash bags would be useful. After working we will take a nature walk around the area and identify invasive plants as well as natives. Felker Park is a park in Topeka that is off Gage Blvd adjacent to Shunga Creek. Please contact Jeff if you plan to attend.

Contact: Jeff Hansen 785 806 6917

Sponsor: Kansas Native Plant Society


10 people attended the event.

An industrious group of native plant lovers cleared a substantial area adjacent to the paved trail and the creek. Some workers chopped out honeysuckle with an axe. Others used shovels. On our nature walk we admired paw paw trees and wahoo bushes. We also found an unopened can of pork in the woods! You never know what surprises await on a KNPS outing. The smiles say a lot - everyone had a ton of fun. One problem we encountered was a defective spray bottle and not enough spray bottles.

Fall Workday: Clear Bush Honeysuckle along Shunga Creek
Fall Workday: Clear Bush Honeysuckle along Shunga Creek

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