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Native Plants to Attract Birds (Want Birds? Get Bugs!) • Wyandotte County

Thursday, Jul 12th, 2012 @ 11:30am-1pm
Wyandotte County Extension Office • 1216 North 79th • Kansas City, KS • Map

Want Birds? Get Bugs!
Birds have the same needs as humans: shelter, water, and food. Most homeowners can easily supply shelter, nesting sites and water, but food is not just nuts and berries in the fall. Or sunflower seeds and suet in your winter feeder. No, 96% of terrestrial North American birds eat insects and raise their young on a diet of caterpillars, beetles, bugs and worms. Even hummingbirds feed their babies tiny flies and spiders.

To attract birds, you must first plant to attract the insects they feed on. And 90% of insects are specialists, feeding on the native plants they co-evolved with. This presentation will feature native insect host trees, shrubs and flowers to set a banquet for our common birds. No, you will not need insecticides because birds happily devour the insects, those protein-filled packets of yummy goodness. Additional suggestions for water sources and backyard feeders will equip participants to maximize year-round visits from our avian friends. Meet in the Sunflower Room of the Wyandotte County Extension Office.

Contact: Lenora Larson 913-284-3360

Sponsor: KNPS--KC Region & WYCO EMG


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