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Collecting and Saving Seeds • Miami County

Thursday, Oct 3rd, 2013 @ 6:30pm
Miami County Extension Office • 104 South Brayman • Paola, KS • Map

Kansas native plant enthusiasts who wish to have them in their own gardens know that seed-saving is often the best means of acquiring these beauties. Ken O’Dell will demonstrate the basics of seed-saving. He will show various collecting and drying techniques, followed by cleaning and packaging. Proper storage, essential to seed viability, will also be discussed. The final step in seed-saving, next spring’s planting, will be demonstrated to assist participants in achieving a successful outcome.

Contact: Lenora Larson 913-284-3360

Sponsor: Miami County Extension Master Gardeners


31 people attended the event.

We had 31 attend which is just about the largest crowd we have had in the county. Half were EMG's, 3 KNPS members, others from Linn County, Anderson County, Franklin County, Johnson County and Miami County. A great group in Miami County. The EMGs got advanced training credit for this.

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