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Spring Workday: Clear Bush Honeysuckle along Shunga Creek • Shawnee County

Wednesday, Mar 20th, 2013 @ 5:30-7:30pm
Felker Park • Topeka, KS • Map

Help clear bush honeysuckle from the woods along Shunga Creek. Felker Park is a park in Topeka that is off Gage Blvd adjacent to Shunga Creek. We are going to clear an area of the woods of the honeysuckle and other invasives to allow the native species to flourish. Native plants found in these woods are Virginia Waterleaf, Woodland Phlox, Anise root, Wahoo, Chokecherry, and various sedges and grasses. The natives are barely hanging on because of the honeysuckle. The area we will be working is adjacent to the bridge at Gage & Shunga Creek. Parking is at the Tennis Courts off of Gage Blvd. If you can't come right at 5:30, just meet us in the woods. Wear boots, leather gloves, long sleeves and pants. Bring a lopper or pruning saw. If you don't want to cut, you can help drag branches. The City of Topeka will be supplying herbicide to treat the cut stumps to ensure the honeysuckle doesn't regrow. Please let Jeff know if you plan to attend. When we finish we can go to a local eatery for supper.

Contact: Jeff Hansen 785 806 6917

Sponsor: Kansas Native Plant Society


12 people attended the event.

With a chainsaw, loppers, and saws; volunteers cut and treated with herbicide bush honeysuckle and oriental bittersweet. When the work was complete, we went for a walk hoping to hear woodcocks. None were heard. Following the walk we went for dinner at Boss Hawg BBQ.

Spring Workday: Clear Bush Honeysuckle along Shunga Creek
Spring Workday: Clear Bush Honeysuckle along Shunga Creek

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