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Oak Park Honeysuckle Removal • Sedgwick County

Saturday, Oct 19th, 2013 @ 8:30am-1pm
Oak Park • Wichita, KS • Map

The City of Wichita is sponsoring and overseeing a half-day event to remove bush honeysuckle at Oak Park in Wichita. Bush honeysuckle is a woody invasive non-native plant that shade out herbaceous plants and out-compete tree species for resources. In general, bush honeysuckle reduces wildlife habitat, species diversity, and causes a decline in the regeneration of Kansas' Oak-Hickory forests.
This will improve the long-term survival of this tiny fragment of habitat that has been the source of many great bird sightings over many decades. The event will be held from 8:30 am to 1 pm. Bring gloves and a spade shovel for digging out the plants. Small honeysuckle shrubs are easily pulled because of their shallow roots. Meet at North River Drive & West 11th Street. Sponsored by Wichita Parks & Recreation.

Contact: Lee Ann Sack 316-768-0204

Sponsor: Wichita Park & Recreation

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