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Seed Savers KC - Winter Seed Exchange

Saturday, Jan 18th, 2014 @ 11am-2pm
Anita B Gorman Discovery Center • 4750 Troost • Kansas City, MO • Map

Free event to promote seed saving and hopefully start a seed library. There will be speakers and videos on various topics regarding techniques. Please bring your own envelopes, bottles or sacks for storing the seeds for trading. Meet in the Lewis & Clark room at the Discovery Center. No genetically modified seeds or invasives PLEASE!
Go to Facebook page to sign up if possible so we have an idea on the headcount.
Only non-genetically modified organism(GMO) vegetable seeds should be brought. Most all organic seed companies are totally non-GMO, many others are as well. Seeds of native plants ( trees, shrubs, vines, flowers), ornamental trees, shrubs, vines and flowers, herbs, heirloom and modern vegetables, tropicals, seeds from other countries, bulbs, tubers, and corms will be available. There will be a whole group of food items that are fermentation starters such as kefir grains, kombucha, sourdough, and jun. Organic eggs will be available. Many members of our group are herbalists, making oils, tinctures, rubs, balms, soaps and salves. Some who will bring smudge sticks, seed necklaces and other Native American gifts.

You can bring your seeds in a bulk container or in little pre made individual sacks. All the seeds go out onto tables in a huge room. Different group are labeled like peppers, cabbage, tomato and the seeds are put together in that area. Everyone just browses thru and chooses what they desire, being kind about leaving some for others. If you bring a little, you take a little, bring a lot, take a lot. But even those who bring nothing are welcome to take things home. We are a giving, sharing community and want others to have some of the bounty. If you take seeds we expect you to learn how to save them properly and bring some back next year to share with the group. We have great info on our Facebook that is free to learn how to save seeds properly.

Contact: Dayna McDaniel (816) 356-9892

More Info: Dayna A McDaniel

Sponsor: Seed Savers KC Facebook

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