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Wyandotte County Lake Park Spring Wildflowers #1 of 2 • Wyandotte County

Saturday, Apr 19th, 2014 @ 1pm
91st Street and Leavenworth Road • Kansas City, KS • Map

Join Elizabeth Petroske in exploring the woodland wildflowers at Wyandotte County Lake Park. The park's oak-hickory woodlands are full of a variety of wildflowers. This is the first of two spring tours of the park. Each tour will see different species of flowers. Meet up in the main parking lot by the Park office: take the left fork when you come in the 91st entrance at the South end of the Park. The terrain is rugged so boots and jeans are recommended.

Contact: Elizabeth Petroske

Sponsor: Kansas Native Plant Society


6 people attended the event.

It was a perfect day with perfect weather. 75 degrees with a gentle breeze. We saw so many woodland wildflowers that it was intoxicating. We walked about one-half mile down a sloping hill side that had a canopy of giant trees and on the forest floor we saw more woodland wildflowers then I have ever seen in one location. This is a large area, I believe they said about 1500 acres with a 400 acre lake in the middle of it. I have never seen as many Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica) in one place. Thousands and thousands of these little guys stretched for over 2000 feet down the hill and the hill is 100 to 200 feet wide. They were blooming like this was their last chance to show off. There are more hills that can easily be seen from where we were, some only 50 feet on the other side of a well carpeted ravine and more Spring Beauty are covering all of these hills. Not to be left out of sight were thousands of Fragile Fern. Acre after acre and all were 3 to 4 tall with good light green color on the fronds. Large colonies of Wild Ginger were scattered along the half mile trip. They had bloom buds but had not opened. Elizabeth had made a list of the plants we would see and each of us had a copy of it. We saw about half of what was on the list. Perhaps 30 or 40 species. Toward the bottom of the hill we saw at several hundred Bloodroot. Finished flowering but setting seed heads.

Wyandotte County Lake Park Spring Wildflowers #1 of 2
Wyandotte County Lake Park Spring Wildflowers #1 of 2

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