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Concordia Wildflower Tour • Cloud County

Saturday, May 24th, 2014 @ 1pm
Walmart Supercenter • College Drive • Concordia, KS • Map

This is an opportunity to explore a privately owned, preserved native area in north central Kansas! There is no charge and anyone can join the tour. Follow a KNPS guide and tour the property to discover wildflowers, native grasses, sedges, trees, shrubs, and more. The rare "Fremont's Clematis" can be found on this property.
What to bring: Wear sturdy shoes and long sleeves. Bring a camera, insect repellent, sun screen, hat, water, and a snack if you choose.

Where to meet: Meet in the SE corner of the Concordia Walmart Parking Lot for introductions and follow a caravan to the tour site. We will leave the Walmart parking lot at 1pm. If you are late or prefer to drive directly to the site you may follow these directions:

Directions from Concordia Walmart: Go south on Hwy 81 three miles to Noble Road. Turn and go east on Noble Road for 1.5 miles to 160th Road. Go south on 160th road for 2.5 miles. The property will be on the left, look for the American Flag.

Alternate route: Go south on Hwy 81 three miles to Noble Road, east on Noble Road 2.5 miles to 170th Road, south on 170th Road three miles to Key Road, west on Key Road 1 mile to 160th Road, north on 160th Road 3/4 mile, property is on the right. There is a good roadside spot to hunt wildflowers on 170 Road between Lark and Key Roads we can take on the way back.
One of the best ways to learn about Kansas native plants is to join tours like this. Check out the Kansas Native Plant Society's website for more events across the state and for a wealth of information on native plants: Consider joining the KNPS, anyone can join and it is a fun way to explore the state and learn the benefits of planting natives. Why is it important to plant native? Croplands and manicured lawns are not very appealing to most species of native wildlife, by planting natives you will be contributing to a more environmentally sound landscape and furnish food and cover for native birds, butterflies, and mammals. Native plants are adapted to this region and are much easier to care for and also will survive the harsh winters and fluctuations of temperatures better than tender exotic plants.

Contact: Nadine Champlin 785-285-0054

More Info: Concordia Wildflower Tour Flyer

Sponsor: Kansas Native Plant Society

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