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Overland Park Arboretum Spring Wildflower Walk • Johnson County

Thursday, Apr 17th, 2014 @ 10am-noon
Overland Park Arboretum • 8908 West 179th • Bucyrus, KS • Map

The Kansas City Region of the Kansas Native Plant Society is conducting a woodland walk at the Overland Park Arboretum, led by experienced botanists. Participants can expect to see over thirty species of flowers as well as native trees, shrubs and vines. The trails have steep sections and may be muddy if it has rained recently, so good boots and jeans are recommended.
An admission fee of $3.00 is charged for entrance to the garden unless you are a member of Friends of the Arboretum

Contact: Lenora Larson 913-284-3360

Sponsor: Kansas Native Plant Society


17 people attended the event.

Thursday, April 17th, Lynda Ochs and Ken O’Dell led a tour of 17 KNPS members in the woodlands. A bit cold 39 degrees at 10AM and about half of the 35 we expected did not show up. The 17 that did show up were full of energy and very excited to see, Spring Beauty, Wild Geraniums, Bloodroot, Waterleaf, Leatherwood, Jack-in-the-Pulpit just showing growth, Solomon Seal, False Solomon Seal, Meadow Rue, Hazelnuts, Yellow Buckeye, Redbud, Viburnum prunifolium in heavy flower bud, Lindera, Wild Columbine foliage, Trout Lily, False Rue Anemone, FragileFern, Wahoo Euonymus, Bladdernut in heavy flower bud, Blue-eyed Mary just showing foliage, Rudbeckia lacinata showing foliage, Jacobs Ladder, White stemmed Violets, Yellow stemmed Violets, Blue Butterfly Violets, Viola missouriensis, all the violets were showing flowers. We also talked about some of our native trees, such as Post Oak, Red Oak, Chestnut Oak, Black Cherry, everyone hugged the three giant Cottonwoods by the creek, Basswood, Ironwood, Giant Sycamore with the top branches still showing silvery-white as the leaves are not out yet, tons of Pawpaws just showing flower buds, it was a great group and we all had a good time.

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