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Hays Old World Bluestem Workshop • Ellis County

Friday, Sep 18th, 2015 @ 9am-3pm
KSU Agricultural Research Center • 1232 240th Avenue • Hays, KS • Map

Caucasian Bluestem is emerging as possibly the greatest long-term invasive threat to the natural integrity of native prairie in Kansas and the central Great Plains. If it continues to overtake pastures (as it al-ready has in some whole landscapes in western Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas), it will be much more difficult to control than Sericea lespedeza . Old world bluestem is actually a name given to a group of grasses. The two species to become familiar with are Yellow bluestem and Caucasian bluestem. They are warm-season bunchgrasses that were brought into the United States in the 1920s from Asia and have been extensively planted and grazed in monoculture set-tings. They were tested and planted as monocultures and (intentionally or unintentionally) added to seed mixes in Kansas during the 50s. In the diverse plant community of the mixed grass prairie, these plants are invasive. Livestock avoid grazing these grasses and select the more palatable grasses such as Big bluestem.
Attend to learn more about this invasive threat to our prairies.

Kansas Wildlife Federation * Audubon of Kansas * Kansas Native Plant Society * The Prairie Heritage * NRCS Greensburg * KSU Agricultural Research Center Hays

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Sponsor: Kansas Native Plant Society

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