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About KNPS

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KNPS does not have official chapters but we do have Membership Regions.

See Non-profit Funding for more information on our funding of native plant projects.

See our Scholarship for information on our funding of graduate student’s research on plants.

Plant Basics

The Definition of Native Plants explains that native plants are those that originated in a given geographic area without human involvement. 

The State Search of the USDA Plants Database lists all native and naturalized plants in any state. To get a list of plants in a specific county, use the Advanced Search.

The Ecoregions of Kansas list the various types of vegetation both historical and today. Maps are included.

See Kansas Endemic Plants for a list of plants that are native only to Kansas.

See the many Benefits of native plants in the natural world and in our gardens.

Plant Identification

Go to the Identification Section in our Resources Listing.

Our Recommended Books List provides a number of guides to plant identification.

Yes! We recommend you use our Events Calendar to find a walk near you.

State Plants

Gardening and Landscaping

Our Plant & Seed Sources list businesses that sell native plants and seeds.

It is not recommended. See Roadside Plants for information on the legality & ethics of digging up wildflowers and other plants.

Restoration and Management