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KNPS members are elligible to submit images to the photo gallery. Use this form to have your photo considered for use. We may also use your photo in the newsletter.


Only submit images for species of plants that are not already in the gallery. This is a native plant gallery so only plants indigenous to Kansas should be submitted. If you are unsure, submit the plant anyway and we can tell you its origin. If you are unsure of the species name, submit the image and we can identify it.

Image Size

The longest side of the images should be at least 1200 pixels.  This will allow the images to be printed at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) for a 4” long image.  Most images are cropped to optimize their display, so an even larger image size is better. The image that will be displayed in the gallery will not be of print quality but will be optimized for web display.


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