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Resources for Learning and Teaching Plant Identification

At the Annual Wildflower Weekend in September, a few copies of the new KNPS publication Resources for Learning and Teaching Plant Identification were available for those at the meeting.  The booklet is made up of a series of units tailored for plant fans at various levels of experience.  It is intended to help users develop their own plant id skills or add to their “tool kit” when teaching others about plants.  Since September, Resources for Learning and Teaching Plant Identification has been refined and a new unit added for those in the intermediate to experienced category.

This is not a field guide, nor a botany text book.  Instead it is a collection of common-sense, step-by-step procedures,  that experienced KNPS members have discovered as they went through their own trial-and-error processes of learning to identify Kansas’s native plants or to help others learn the tricks of identification.  The purpose of these materials is to help others save time and frustration, whether they are beginners or those more advanced who are struggling to identify a rare plant for the first time.

Download Plant Identification Resources Booklet (PDF) (22 pages)

A second separate aid to plant identification is the KNPS cd Introduction to Plant Families.  This power-point-presentation on disc focuses on using the characteristics of plant families as an identification tool.  Delineating features of four common families (milkweed, sunflower, evening primrose, pea/bean, mint) are illustrated in line drawings and a series of colorful photographs of blooming plants from each family.  These can be used as a self-tutorial for learning the family features and unfamiliar plants in the family.  They also are very helpful to use for classes or workshop on plant identification.

Both the booklets and the cd’s can be ordered by mail.  To cover our costs of printing and mailing, each book is priced at $6.50 and each cd at $4.00.

Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about the materials.

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