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Craig Hensley, Shawnee

"What a weekend! This really summarizes my experience at my first Annual Wildflower Weekend. I have met so many wonderful folks. Add to that everyone's great interest in native plants and the joy everyone had in learning new things, including me, and this experience could not have been better. To stand on a prairie with so many fellow grassland enthusiasts through rain, cool weather and even a distant funnel cloud on the final day, was simply amazing and I thank everyone for their kindness and making me feel welcome."

Allen Casey, Topeka

"Everyone that I have met at events is friendly and takes the time to get to know me and share everything that they know about the plants we run across. "

Krista D., Mulvane

"The chance to observe more plants than I'd ever find on my own in the company of intelligent and interesting people. It's one thing to buy a flower guide book, it's quite another thing to spend time with people who are willing to share what they know."

Jim Smith, Hutchinson

"I feel the programs and services of the Kansas Native Plant Society combine two of our state's most precious resources: its people and its native vegetation. Members of the KNPS are given great opportunities to learn more about the natural history of Kansas in the company of wonderful people."

Aureta & Vondie O'Conner

"This best thing about KNPS is the prairie walks. Each one is different and we learn new plants. It is great having a guide(s) because you don't have to have several books and take the time to look up the plant. We also like the email reminders about up coming walks. "

Phyllis & Dee Scherich

"We enjoy the opportunity to share and learn from others on the informal wildflower tours. We learn more that way than any classroom or book can teach. We also enjoy getting to know others who share a common interest with us. It gives us an opportunity to become familiar with the wildflowers and other plants growing in other areas of the state. We are looking forward to another "Annual" Tour with the organization."

Fred Coombs, Holton

"I enjoy plants, but I enjoy people even more.  The members we have met in two short years are not only interesting, but fun.  Add to that the hard-working leaders, past and present, who have turned KNPS into a growing, vibrant organization. "

Earl Allen, Manhattan

"The best thing about the KNPS is the members and their enthusiasm. Everyone is always ready to help you find or identify some species you are unfamiliar with. Our outings always include some laughter along with more serious pursuits, which makes it a good organization with which to spend some time. "