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Membership Regions


Kansas is a large state with 105 counties. As a statewide organization, it's difficult to develop events and membership in all parts of the state. Distance separates many of us.

To foster more local events and local involvement, the KNPS is developing membership regions. The members in these regions shall be guided by KNPS and encouraged to develop local events and promote a local membership community. Each membership region shall have a voluntary regional leader, who organizes events and membership in their region.


Each membership region will help to create more local events and involvement. Goals of the Membership regions are:

  • Develop local events in each region
  • Recruit new members in each region
  • Create a local community of members

Membership Leaders

Each region will have a membership leader. This is the person to in your region if you want to help get more things going in your area. KNPS is here to help the leaders and has put together a list of Membership Region Leader Duties to help each leader better organize their region.

Membership Region Map

Region boundaries were drawn based on population & proximity. Regions were named after the largest city in the region. Each region has a relatively small area to allow local participation in activities.