Photo Contest Entry Info and Submission

About the KNPS Annual Photo Contest

Our Photo Contest is held every year as a part of the Annual Wildflower Weekend (AWW).

            Who is eligible?

 KNPS members! If you are not a member, join us so that you too can share your best native plant photos

Winning photos will be published in the KNPS Newsletter and on the KNPS website.

Photo Contest Categories

  • Flora:  a photo of a whole plant or plant part.  Examples: flower, fruit, seed, leaf, bark, or bud.
  • Fauna:  a photo of animals on or surrounded by native plants. Examples: mammals on the prairie, birds eating seeds, insects pollinating native flowers.
  • Garden:  a photo of native plants used in a garden created by people.  Examples: your favorite garden.
  • People:  a photo of people enjoying native plants and their habitats.  Examples: people at a KNPS outing, people enjoying a favorite bloom.
  • Scenery:  a photo of a native landscape such as a prairie, woodland, or wetland.  Examples: fire in the Flint Hills, sunrise on the wetlands.
  • Wildflower of the Year: a photo of the current year’s Wildflower of the Year. The 2023 flower is Purple Prairie Clover – Dalea purpurea. 

Photo Contest Guidelines

  • The deadline to submit your photos to the 2023 Photo Contest is  September 10. Winners in each category will be selected following the deadline and showcased in the Fall Newsletter and on the KNPS website. 
  • Remember that photo submissions are accepted from KNPS members only.
  • The subject of all entries must be NATIVE plant species (or predominantly NATIVE plant species for photos of groups of plants); or native landscapes (where appropriate) in the state of Kansas.
  • Two entries per category per KNPS member are allowed.
  • Photographs will be judged using the following criteria: composition, sharpness, exposure, color, appropriateness to category, presentation, and full label information.

                TO SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO:

  • Review the Categories and determine which one(s) you want to submit to.  For each photo:
  • Email one photo at a time to “”. 
  • In the Subject Line of the email, provide the Category for your entry.  
  • In the email, provide a  “Caption” (title) for your photo, and the photographer’s name.
  • KNPS is enthusiastic about your photography and interest in native plants and wants to place select images in our website. Submission of your image indicates your agreement to the following: