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Photo Contest


Our Photo Contest is held every year as a part of the Annual Wildflower Weekend (AWW). It is open to all members of the Kansas Native Plant Society. While our membership will not be able to gather and celebrate Kansas native plants at the 2020 AW , the annual photo contest will proceed as usual. For 2020, photos can be uploaded to our photo contest website on when the contest opens. Winning photos in 2020 will be published in the KNPS Newsletter and on the KNPS website.


  • The 2020 Photo Contest runs from August 3 to September 7. Only during this time can you submit photos. Winners in each category will be selected following the deadline and showcased in the Fall 2020 Newsletter and on the KNPS website. Announcement of the entry date for this contest will also be made on the KNPS email list.
  • Photo submissions are accepted from KNPS members only.
  • The subject of all entries must be NATIVE plant species (or predominantly NATIVE plant species for photos of groups of plants) or native landscapes (where appropriate) in the state of Kansas.
  • Two entries per category per KNPS member are allowed.
  • Photographs will be judged by the following criteria: Composition, Sharpness, Exposure, Color, Appropriateness to category, Presentation, Full label information.


  • Flora:  a photo of a whole plant or plant part.  Examples: flower, fruit, seed, leaf, bark, or bud.
  • Fauna:  a photo of animals on or surrounded by native plants. Examples: mammals on the prairie, birds eating seeds, insects pollinating native flowers.
  • Garden:  a photo of native plants used in a garden created by people.  Examples: your favorite garden.
  • People:  a photo of people enjoying native plants and their habitats.  Examples: people at a KNPS outing, people enjoying a favorite bloom.
  • Scenery:  a photo of a native landscape such as a prairie, woodland, or wetland.  Examples: fire in the Flint Hills, sunrise on the wetlands.
  • Wildflower of the Year: a photo of the current year's Wildflower of the Year. The 2020 flower is Blue Wild Indigo.

Instructions for Submitting Photos

For the 2020 KNPS Photo Contest, we are using, a photo and video sharing website. You must create a Shutterfly username and password before uploading photos.

  1. Go to Shutterfly and create an account. Click Sign up at the upper right-hand corner of the website. Fill out the form using a valid email address and select a password.
  2. Email Anthony Zukoff ( or Mickey Delfelder ( for the KNPS Shutterfly password.
  3. Go to the Shutterfly KNPS Photo Contest and input the site password. Log into your account if you are not currently logged in. You now have access to the 2020 Contest website.  Note: if you are going to visit the website on multiple occasions, you should bookmark the site URL for easy access later.  You will need the password on each subsequent visit. 2020 contest does not open until August 3, 2020 and closes September 7, 2020.
  4. To upload photos, click “2020 Photo Contest” in the top navigation line.
    1. KNPS has already created an album for each category in this year's contest. Please do not add an Album.  If you do, it will be deleted.
    2. Select the category into which you would like to upload your photo (for example, People or Flora). Roll your cursor over the word Action to the right of the category name, then select Add pictures...
    3. You will get a dialog box in your browser that says “Add pictures”. To upload photos from your computer, click the button with the red computer icon (My Computer).  (You can alternatively copy photos from your Facebook, Instagram or existing Shutterfly photo album in your account.)
    4. Click the word “Click to add photos” or select the “Add photos...” link towards the upper left. Both of these actions will open a file navigation that lets you select files from your computer. If you have your photos selected in advance, it will be easier to find the ones you want to upload.
    5. Select the photos you wish to upload, then click the orange “Done” button at the upper right. Your photos will be added to the album you had selected.
  5. For each photo that you upload, you must provide identifying information about the photo. To do this, go into the album and select your photo. There will be other photos there besides your own. Be sure to select only your own photos!
    1. Roll your cursor over the image and you should see an “Edit picture” button appear at the upper right of the photo.
    2. Click the word “Edit picture” and select “Edit picture title.”
    3. Two boxes will appear. The top one is the PictureTitle which should contain the filename of the original photo. You can edit this for the title that would have been written on the back of a printed photo in the past. Do not add names of people or your name.
    4. In the Picture Description, the following information must be included:
      1. Photographer’s E-mail address so we can contact you if necessary.
      2. Title of photo (include plant species name, if applicable)
      3. Location where photo was taken.
    5. Finally, click SAVE. This information should now appear below the photograph.
  6. Upload additional photos.

Important things to remember:

  1. You should not create a new album, but you should instead upload to one of the existing KNPS albums (Flora, Fauna, Garden, People, Scenery, Wildflower of the Year (Plains Coreopsis).
  2. You should not upload any more than two photos per category.
  3. You should include a citation for each photo indicating the photo title, and the location where the photo was taken.
  4. It’s alright to view other members photos. Do not Edit, Save, Download, Copy, or Post other peoples photos without permission! Thank you.

Historic Winners


  • 2020 Photo contest images entirely on-line since AWW was postponed to 2021.
  • 2016 Photo contest moved to for viewing.
  • 2014: Photos are uploaded to instead of printing and bringing to AWW.
  • 2013: Entries per category was changed from 4 to 2.
  • 2011: A new category was added for Wildflower of the Year. The collage category was discontinued.