Photo Contest > 2010

2010 Photo Contest

These photos were winners in the 2010 Photo Contest held at the Annual Meeting in Great Bend.

Flora Category

1st Flora

1st. David Welfelt, "Large Flowered Gaura"

2nd Flora

2nd. Phyllis Luedke, "Hedge Parsley Hooked Bristles"

3rd Flora

3rd. David Welfelt, Prickly Lettuce

Fauna Category

1st Fauna

1st. David Welfelt, "Juniper Hairstreak on Queen Ann’s Lace"

2nd Fauna

2nd. Phyllis Luedke, “Bumblebee on Bitter Sneeze Weed”

3rd Fauna

3rd. Susan Reimer, “Curious Critter”

Scenery Category

1st Scenery

1st. Phyllis Luedke, “Barber Counter Landscape”

2nd Scenery

2nd. Phyllis Luedke, “Deer Creek Winter Scene”

3rd Scenery

3rd. Susan Reimer, “Autumn Gold”

Garden Category

1st Garden

1st. Rita Schartz, “June Mix”

2nd Garden

2nd. Phyllis Luedke, “Echinacea Seed Heads in Heavy Snow”

Garden 3rd3rd. Sister Patrick Stanley, “My Garden”

People Category

1st People

1st. Matthew Richter, “1st Pass, Tallgrass on Paint Creek”

2nd People

2nd. Susan Reimer, “A Lotus by Any Other Name”

3rd People

3rd. David Welfelt, “Great Plains Nature Photographers, Wildflower Photo Shoot”