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The Importance of Using Local Ecotypes

KNPS provides this list of retail sources of wildflower seeds and plants as a resource for individuals interested in plant community restoration and growing native plants.

Applied Ecological Services Baldwin City, KS

Applied Ecological Services produce and provide the highest quality native, local-genotype seed, plants and trees available.

Bluebird Nursery, Inc. Clarkson, NE

Bluebird Nursery is a wholesale supplier of perennials, herbs, grasses and wildflowers to garden centers, landscapers, parks and zoos.

Dyck Arboretum of the Plains Hesston, KS

Dyck Arboretum of the Plains sponsors the FloraKansas plant sales.

Feyh Farm Seed Company Alma, KS

Feyh Farm Seed Company is a family farm in Kansas producing native grasses, cool season grasses, millets and wildflowers.

Grimm's Gardens Hiawatha, KS

Grimm's Gardens carries a variety of native plants in one gallon pots that are suitable for landscaping. They encourage planting a native area to provide habitat for pollinators.

Hamilton Seeds Elk Creek, MO

Hamilton Seeds specialized in native grasses and wildflowers of the Midwest.

Ion Exchange Harpers Ferry, IA

Ion Exchange provides custom seed mixes for prairies, marshes, savannas, woodlands, and CRP acres. Staff also can provide special mixes for butterflies and hummingbirds.

Kansas Native Plants Topeka, KS

Kansas Native Plants offers seed of a variety of plant species native to Kansas.

Lawyer Nursery, Inc. Plains, MT

Lawyer Nursery specializes in deciduous seedlings and transplants, rootstocks, ornamental shrubs, fruit trees, flowering crabs, and conifers adapted for USDA Hardiness Zone 5.

Loma Vista Nursery Ottawa, KS

Loma Vista Nursery is a wholesale nursery. They supply native grasses and a small selection of native woodies and perennials.

Missouri Wildflowers Nursery Jefferson City, MO

Missouri Wildflowers Nursery sells native Missouri perennials, both seeds and plants. Their plants are nursery propagated and have a genetic origin of Missouri.

Prairie and Wetland Center Belton, MO

The Prairie and Wetland Center is an outlet for Critsite, the Midwest’s largest producer of native plants, trees, and shrubs.

Prairie Moon Nursery Winona, MN

Prairie Moon Nursery offers seeds, plants, and information to people interested in restoring native plants and plant communities of the upper Midwest.

Prairie Nursery, Inc. Westfield, WI

Prairie Nursery offers a large selection of native plants and seeds for “ecological gardening.”

Prairie Pride Plants Wichita, KS

Prairie Pride Plants offers container grown native wildflowers, grasses, trees, and shrubs.

Sharp Bros. Seed Company Healy, KS & Greeley, CO & Clinton, MO

Sharp Bros. Seed Company provides native grass and forb seeds for both public and private uses.

Skinner Garden Store Topeka, KS

Skinner Garden Store sells a wide selection of natives trees and shrubs. They also sell roses, trees, fruits & nuts, shrubs, evergreens, grasses, groundcovers, vines, and perennials.

Star Seed, Inc. Beloit, KS & Osborne, KS

Skinner Garden Store sells a wide selection of natives trees and shrubs. They also sell roses, trees, fruits & nuts, shrubs, evergreens, grasses, groundcovers, vines, and perennials.

Sow Wild Natives Kansas City, MO

Sow Wild Natives provides regional native plants to add function and beauty to yards and greenspaces throughout the Kansas City region to support our vision of restoring balance to our ecosystem.

Star Seed, Inc. Beloit, KS & Osborne, KS

Star Seed, Inc. sells native grass and forb seeds.

Stock Seed Farms Murdock, NE

Stock Seed Farms provides an assortment of seeds of prairie grasses and forbs. They also have a variety of prairie, wildflower, landscape, lawn and pasture, and blended mixes available.

Valley Feed & Seed Wichita, KS

Valley Feed & Seed provides native grass and wildflower seed mixes.

Vinland Valley Nursery Baldwin City, KS

Vinland Valley Nursery promotes the creation of suburban and urban garden habitat by offering native plants that have excellent ornamental value to gardeners while offering basic shelter and food resources to wildlife.