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A Pocket Guide to Kansas Flint Hills Wildflowers and Grasses

About the Guide

Eighth in the pocket guide series, “The Pocket Guide to Kansas Flint Hills Wildflowers and Grasses” covers 52 kinds of native wildflowers and six prairie grasses found in the Flint Hills. These same species of plants greeted European settlers entering the region nearly 200 years ago. These plant species also provided sustenance to the American Indians, and they are the basis of our present agricultural and ranching economy. Each plant has a story to tell. Each story is timeless.

The pocket guide allows readers to gain a greater appreciation for prairie plant diversity and the uniqueness of each wildflower and grass. Detailed are the plant’s ecological relationships to livestock grazing, wildlife and basic human uses.

The wildflowers are arranged by flower color. Descriptions are enhanced by beautiful color images.

Our native prairies, composed of plant and animal diversity, are an “irreplaceable legacy.” This pocket guide invites you to share the wonder.

Authored by Iralee Barnard

Published June 2010, 69 pages, softbound

Get the Guide

Single copies of these Pocket Guides are available free of charge at the Great Plains Nature Center (GPNC). Copies can be mailed for $3.00 each by sending your check, payable to GPNC, to: Pocket Guides, Great Plains Nature Center, 6232 East 29th Street North, Wichita, KS 67220.

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A PDF of the pocket guide as well as a list of other available pocket guides is available on the GPNC site at A Pocket Guide to Kansas Flint Hills Wildflowers and Grasses. (PDF 1.8MB)

Published by the Friends of the Great Plains Nature Center.

Sponsored by Tallgrass Legacy Alliance, Westar Energy Green Team, Chickadee Checkoff, Kansas Native Plant Society, and the Great Plains Nature Center.