Wanted: Photos of Kansas Plants

For the Kansas Pocket Guide Series

A series of 70-page full color natural history booklets have been produced by the Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita.  Currently underway is a new booklet on Flint Hills Wildflowers and Grasses.  Kansas Native Plant Society has been invited to supply photographs for this publication.   The booklet will be illustrated by professional quality photographs, taken by Kansas Native Plant Society members. 

Digital submission guidelines:

  • Submit no more than 2 photos of each species. 
  • Image size must be at least 1,200 X 1,200 pixels for a typical image. 
  • Files may be either JPEG’s or TIFF’s. 
  • Each image must be appropriately labeled. 
    • Label the image starting with the species name (copied exactly from the checklist below) followed by an underscore and then your name. 
    • Additional file information can follow your name.  
    • Following is a sample of an image file label:
      Ruellia humilis_Iralee Barnard_1037Kansas.jpg
  • Submit images on either CD’s or DVD’s.  Sorry, discs will not be returned.


  • June 2009:
    • Photo request from KNPS photographers.
  • November 2009:
    • Final submissions from KNPS photographers are due. 
  • 2010:
    • Expected publication

Photo selection procedure:

Photo submissions will be reviewed and selected by an editorial committee. 

Photo payment:

Sorry, no payment will be made for photographs.  A complimentary copy of the booklet will be available to any photographer with at least one image used in the book.

Photographers Release Form:

Photographers whose images will be used in the book may eventually need to sign a release form.

Submit your photos to the following address:

Note: Please include both your mailing and email address!

Wildflower Pocket Guide
Iralee Barnard
962 300 Avenue
Hope, KS 67451

If you have questions contact findiralee@yahoo.com

Photos needed:

Agalinis aspera Rough Gerardia
Ambrosia psilostachya Western Ragweed
Amorpha canescens Leadplant
Amphiachyris dracunculoides Annual Broomweed
Arnoglossum plantagineum Tuberous Indian-plantain
Artemisia ludoviciana Louisiana Sagewort
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Milkweed
Asclepias viridis Green Antelopehorn
Aster ericoides Heath Aster
Astragalus crassicarpus Ground-plum Milk-vetch
Baptisia australis Blue Wild-indigo
Callirhoë alcaeoides Pale Poppy-mallow
Cirsium undulatum Wavy-leaf Thistle
Dalea purpurea Purple Prairie-clover
Delphinium carolinianum Prairie Larkspur
Desmanthus illinoensis Illinois Bundleflower
Desmodium illinoense IllinoisTick-clover
Draba cuneifolia Wedge-leaf Draba
Echinacea angustifolia Purple-coneflower
Euphorbia corollata Flowering Spurge
Euphorbia marginata Snow-on-the-mountain
Gaura longiflora Large-flower Butterfly-weed
Glandularia Canadensis Rose Verbena
Helianthus maximilianii Maximilian's Sunflower
Hieracium longipilum Long-beard Hawkweed
Lespedeza capitata Round-head Bush-clover
Liatris punctata Dottted Gayfeather
Linum sulcatum Grooved Flax
Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal Flower
Lomatium foeniculaceum Fennel-leaf Wild Celery
Mimosa quadrivalvis Cat-claw Sensitive briar
Monarda fistulosa Wild Bergamot Bee-balm
Oenothera macrocarpa Missouri Evening-primrose
Oenothera speciosa Showy Evening-primrose
Packera plattensis Plains Ragwort
Pediomelum esculentum Bread-root Scurf-pea
Penstemon cobaea Cobaea Beardtongue
Polygonum bicorne Pink Smartweed
Polytaenia nuttallii Nuttall's Prairie-parsley
Psoralidium tenuiflorum Wild Alfalfa
Ruellia humilis Fringe-leaf Ruellia
Salvia azurea Blue Sage
Silphium laciniatum Compass Plant
Sisyrinchium campestre Prairie Blue-eyed-grass
Solidago missouriensis Missouri Goldenrod
Stenaria nigricans Narrow-leaf Bluet
Stenosiphon linifolius Stenosiphon
Toxicoscordion nuttallii Nuttall's Death-camas
Tradescantia ohiensis Ohio Spiderwort
Vernonia baldwinii Western Ironweed
Andropogon gerardii Big Bluestem
Panicum virgatum Switch Grass
Schizachyrium scoparium Little Bluestem
Sorghastrum nutans Indian Grass
Spartina pectinata Prairie Cordgrass
Tripsacum dactyloides Eastern Gamma Grass