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A Pocket Guide to Kansas Red Hills Wildflowers

Readers, who have carried and used the orange booklet A Pocket Guide to Kansas Flint Hills Wildflowers and Grasses by Iralee Barnard, will be thrilled to learn that Great Plains Nature Center has published a companion pocket guide for the flowering plants found in the Kansas Red Hills. A Pocket Guide to Kansas Red Hills Wildflowers uses basically the same format of colored photographs and descriptions to help fans identify the plants found in the south-central or western portions of Kansas. The purple pink cover will help you instantly know which guide you are picking up.

KNPS board member, Phyllis Scherich, is a major contributor to the contents of the guide. Those who have walked with Phyllis on wildflower outings are well aware of her vast knowledge of Red Hills wildflowers and outstanding photographs.

The purpose of this pocket guide is to highlight wildflower species found in the Red Hills or predominately in south-central or western portions of Kansas. It is intended to provide Red Hills’ visitors and residents with a small, convenient, and quick reference to the region’s wildflower beauty. Hopefully, one will take away an even greater understanding and appreciation for the natural history, the biological diversity, and the overall beauty of this unique landscape of Kansas.

Authored by Ken Brunson, Phyllis Scherich, Chris Berens and Carl D. Jarboe.

Published: 2013, 69 pages, softbound

Get the Guide

Single copies of the Pocket Guides are available free of charge at the Great Plains Nature Center. Copies can be mailed for $3.00 each by sending your check, payable to GPNC, to: Red Hills Wildflowers Pocket Guides, Great Plains Nature Center, 6232 East 29th Street North, Wichita, KS 67220.

A PDF of the pocket guide as well as a list of other available pocket guides is available on the GPNC site at A Pocket Guide to Kansas Red Hills Wildflowers.

This informative and comprehensive booklet was published by the Friends of the Great Plains Nature Center. It was underwritten by the Chickadee Checkoff Program, The Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition, Comanche Pool Prairie Resource Foundation, The Nature Conservancy and the Westar Energy Green Team.