Podcasts: Native Plants and Nature

Listen to interviews and informative talks by educators and naturalists on your favorite topics. 

Kansas Canopy Podcast – Kansas Forest Service

Episodes cover topics such as Champion Trees, foraging wild fruits, impacts of invasive plants on pollinators, fire safety. 

Flatlander Podcast – Kansas Wildlife and Parks & Kansas Wildlife Federation

#27 Native Plants

#13 Monarchs

#35 Kansas Wetlands Education Center

The Best Biome – Grassland Groupies

Nicole and Rachel, two prairie biologists, make the ever-growing argument for why grasslands are the world’s best biome, as they discuss soil microbes, native gardens and other topics related to grasslands. 

Nature Revisited – Noorden Productions – “…. nature is not a place one goes to, but rather a place one is already a part of – that We Are Nature.”. 

#87 Benjamin Vogt – Prairie Up

#48 Heather Holm – Native Bees

#41 Neil Diboll – Native Plants: A Cultural Shift

#37 Doug Tallamy – The Nature of Oaks

Native Plant Podcast – Thought leaders and educators discuss why how to bring native plants into your landscape

Heather Holm – Native Bees and the plants they forage.

Dr. Doug Tallamy – The Nature of Oaks

Many other episodes by top educators and authors 

Ologies Podcast – Allie Ward, Science Correspondent

Lydia Jennings – Indigenous Pedology (Soil Science)

Robin Wall Kimmerer – Bryology (Moss)

Amy Christianson – Indigenous Fire Ecology

In Defense of Plants – 

Interviews with experts in the field of pollination, invertebrates, evolution, invasive plants and more.


A Way to Garden – with Margaret Roach 

Sam Hoadley – Gardening with Sedges

Jim Nardi – World of Trees and the Hidden Company that Trees Keep

Uli Lorimer – Eco Cleanup of garden spaces

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