Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month

About the Proclamation

Each year KNPS requests that the Governor of Kansas proclaim June as "Native Plant Appreciation Month".

The Governor's proclamation urges all citizens to join in the observance of Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month by enjoying, appreciating, and celebrating our floral diversity and taking advantage of the opportunities to learn more about our native plants, their habitats, and how to protect them. 

KNPS celebrates Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month by offering different free events throughout the month of June.  Everyone is welcome to enjoy these opportunities to discover our state's natural heritage. Explore nature, learn about native plants, and socialize with like-minded people at these outings.  Take a native plant walk, visit a natural area, or become involved in a restoration project as we join together to celebrate this precious heritage during Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month.

For a list of wildflower walks, see our events calendar.

2020 Proclamation

Governor Laura Kelly has proclaimed September 2020 as Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month.

"WHEREAS, the state's varied landscape supports nearly 1,700 native species of flowering plants and fems. Kansas spans most of the width of the grasslands that blanket the plains of central North America, and prairies are the hallmark of the state's natural heritage. Ranging from tallgrass in the east to shortgrass in the west, each prairie type is home to a unique set of species. Also scattered across the state are marshes, forested bluffs, dry woodlands, glades, rocky uplands, chalk breaks, glaciated hills, and many other habitats, each contributing to the diversity of the flora. Wildflowers produce a kaleidoscope of colors and forms as they bloom and fruit in our prairies, forests, and wetlands..." (See full text of 2020 proclamation. )

2010 Proclamation

Governor Mark Parkinson has proclaimed June 2010 as Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month.

Recommended nonfiction books about native plants are featured in Lawrence Public Library’s Book Blog: http://lplbookblog.blogspot.com/.

2009 Proclamation

Governor Mark Parkinson has proclaimed June 2009 as Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month!

2008 Proclamation

Governor Kathleen Sebelius has proclaimed June as Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month!

2007 Proclamation

Nine people representing the Kansas Native Plant Society (KNPS) attended the proclamation signing ceremony for Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month. Each of us had the opportunity to shake the Governor's hand before we posed for several group pictures in the Governor's office. Governor Sebelius asked what KNPS does and expressed her gratitude for the work we do: educating the public about native plants. The Governor read excerpts of the proclamation aloud as she signed it. When she read that approximately four percent of our nation’s original tallgrass prairie remains intact, and ninety-five percent of this prairie is in Kansas, she cheered!
     We received three official copies of the proclamation. Carroll Morgenson will place one copy in the KNPS scrapbook. We also received three souvenir signing pens. Jeff Hansen designated one of the pens as the Presidential pen; when Jeff's term as President expires he will pass the pen to President Elect Michael Heffron. Dwight Platt received a pen as a token for all his contributions to KNPS and Shirley Braunlich received a pen for her efforts in obtaining the proclamation.
     After the ceremony we toured a little of the Capitol building. Most of us had not visited the Capitol since field trips in grade school!

proclamation signing by governor

Pictured with the Governor (seated) from left to right are Michael Heffron, Fred Coombs, Kamala Platt, Dwight Platt, Nancy Coombs, Carroll Morgenson, Shirley Braunlich, Jeff Hansen, and Peggy Robinson.

The 2007 Official Proclamation