Removing the Dreaded Callery Pear: And Why You Should – Zoom

Once considered an up-and-coming ornamental shade tree in the 1950s, the invasive Callery pear (often sold as Bradford, Chantecleer, or Cleveland Select) tree has overtaken roadways, woodlands, and grasslands. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, a single wild tree can spread quickly by seed and vegetative means, often forming dense thickets within several years and outcompeting native plants. In forested settings, it leafs out earlier than our native trees, effectively shading out spring wildflowers. Register online.

Join us as we unpack this devastating invasive species. Learn how to recognize it, remove it, and take advantage of programs that encourage invasive species control and removal!

This free Zoom educational program is brought to you by Deep Roots KC and Johnson County Parks & Recreation District,

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